Jul 31, 2017

New release: Skeleton Boomerang OST

New release appears! Only like one week after another. This time, it's full of original songs composed for the game Skeleton Boomerang, which you can buy now on Steam! Check the releases page for links to the OST.

Jul 23, 2017

New release: Mamorukun Curse! N163+FDS ARRANGEMENT PROJECT

After 2 years in making, it's finally here! 23 arrangements of the full Mamorukun Curse! Soundtrack, composed by Yousuke Yasui. This is a first production on ANIM•USIC.

ANIM•USIC is ANIM•ACE's sound team, consisting of:
- +TEK
- memowave (Jan)
- Chip Jockey (Milos)
- zetoban (zaebatya, z-bata)

All of the tracks were a collaboration between +TEK and memowave, with Chip Jockey assisting on the YO-KAI Disco cover and Naije's (impossiblecarl) bonus track, Ultimate Terror, from the Meikai Katsugeki Arrange version.

FTM/0cc (open with latest version of 0CC-FamiTracker):

You can find other links(SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp) on the releases page.