Jan 19, 2017

New website design and current state on projects.

[This is a long read. Please stay encouraged to read through all of it.]

Sup guys, it is +TEK, name Adam. This is my first post on this blog that I hopefully will not forget about. The thing will function more as news and updates on projects I'm working rather than personal stuff, though I might sneak some of that occasionally(i bet it will happen in this post).

This blog was created along with an update to my website that improves it's design to a more logical and better looking one. Releases page looks way better and I took out some pointless stuff(a whole page for a bunch of links). You can notice there's no more LSFEX button... I'll talk about that in a sec.

Currently, I have quite a few projects on my hands and being busy with college is not helping that at all. Despite that, I can find free time to at least work a bit on each of them little by little, explaining why some things that I announced are taking longer to complete than they should. Since 2017 just started, I'll be talking about projects I started or continued making in 2016 since nothing else has shown up in current year yet. I have 5 main projects that I'll list here, most important(to me) from top to bottom:
  1. Mamorukun Curse! OST N163+FDS ARRANGEMENT PROJECT
  2. Aliens Go Home Run! OST and also arranged soundtrack
  3. Skeleton Boomerang OST
  4. Melolignia2
  5. unnamed second Touhou arrangement album
There seems to be one that I forgot about, but... again, I'll talk about that in a sec.

I have worked on Mamoru N163+FDS since 2014 with Jan(memowave), making it a JANTEK project. Initially, I planned to finish it with Jan for summer 2015, that of course didn't happen. Compared to the ESCHATOS OST, the amount of tracks is way bigger and even though it is a collaborative project, it has proven to be challenging to work on. Jan has been lately experiencing some technical problems so that is also not doing very well for the project. Either way, I was getting rather mad for seeing this project just sit there with no progress for a year or so, so I moved it to top priority. It must and will be done in 2017, before summer. It is at 50% of being done - here's a list of all the tracks, what is assigned to each of us and how much of them is done:

Whys and Wherefores - 0% (JANTEK)
One step at a time - 100% (Jan)
Fine Day - 100% (Jan)
Bless you! boy - 100% (JANTEK)
Blossom Shower - 100% (+tek)
Lost Wind - 100% (+tek)
YO-KAI Disco - 100% + constant changes (Milos, JANTEK)
The Curse - 100% (+tek)
Tea Break - 0% (+tek)
Great Tribulation - 50% (+tek)
Will Force - 0% (JANTEK)
Tropical Pirates - 30% (Jan)
The Curse Again - 100% (+tek)
Bless you! girl - 100% (JANTEK)
Karakuri Spirits - 0% (Jan)
Superhero - 0% (Jan)
Sacred Tree - 100% (+tek)
Evil Gate - 0% (JANTEK)
Mantra - 100% (+tek)
Perfect Terror - 0% (JANTEK)
Time of Catharsis - 0% (+tek)
Blessing - 0% (Jan)
Afterword - 0% (+tek)

OVERALL PROGRESS: 51% (approx.)

I hope to push the progress to a full 100% very soon.

The second project on the list is Aliens Go Home Run! OST. The situation in this one is a little better, because it is basically done. There's only one track that I need to modify and that will be it. The mentioned arranged soundtrack will come some time after the release of the game. It's coming April 2nd and you can check out the Steam page here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/514340

Over the course of the development of the game I've been assigned more roles than I suspected at first. It was music first. Then it was SFX. Then it was testing. Then it was level design. Then I also did some stuff in the code when my good pal Ult(main dev) couldn't get stuff done. The soundtrack may be done, but I'm certainly not done with working on the game. Stay tuned - it's pretty fun.

Third project is the Skeleton Boomerang soundtrack. This one is my most recently started project(december). The game is being made by Artisano, who also made graphics for Aliens Go Home Run and it's about skeletons. With that alone in mind you should go and check out the demo here: https://artisano.itch.io/skeleton-boomerang. Soundtrack is about 50% done. I'll talk about my initiative on working on this project later on.

Two last projects are sequels and currently they're pretty low on the priority list. The Melolignia2 team will be different than from last time - there's a possibility we'll lose one member, but we already got someone special in. I can't wait what that person comes up with for the album! That's sadly not Yasui. Maybe we'll try to invite him again! Either way, the only finished thing for the album is currently the cover art. The artist did an amazing job, it's certainly way better than the failure that was Melolignia's album art. Some artists are warming up to make songs for the album but it hasn't really started yet.

The second Touhou arrangement album is the biggest mystery. I only know that I will make it one day. I haven't started doing anything for it, other than making sure the artist of the cover art for the first one is still available to make another one for this one. It is merely a plan.

Now that I talked about all the projects on the list, it's time to address the elephant in the room.

Lightning Strike Force EX.

What happened to it? What even is it really? You know it's a game by yours truly... and that's about it. I have never shown any(or at least very little) images of the game and I don't talk about it very often. The biggest reason for all of it is just... uncertainty.

I refuse to show much images or footage of the game because I'm not sure if it's ready to be shown at all. I don't talk about the game and answer some questions vaguely because I'm not sure if it's ready to be talked about. I have been working on this game since January 2015 and the latest build I compiled for the beta testers to see was in January 2016. I have made some little progress since then and today, but it still undeniably looks like I haven't worked on the game for a solid year. I can safely admit that it's on hold and WILL stay on hold until I finish up some of the projects mentioned above. It hurts to just leave the project hanging there and sometimes an idea for cancelling the project has came up to my mind, just to instantly slap myself in the face and shake it off, saying "NO". I will finish this game, sooner or later. All this might mean nothing to you guys, since you don't even really know what it is. I might change that soon. Heck, maybe I'll change that right now. Here are some screenshots of the game (keep in mind, EARLY, not finished, subject to change):

As Ayumi on the briefing menu mentions - she is terribly drawn and is waiting for a makeover from a way better artist. Thankfully, I can toss my worries out the window, because Artisano, the previously mentioned artist and game developer of Skeleton Boomerang, had agreed on a little exchange! I make music for his game, he makes character art for LSFEX. All is right in the world.

No further comments on other screenshots, other than me not knowing if this was the right thing to do. I feel unsafe about how the game looks but I've been holding off on info for too long. What about the game itself and what it really is? It's a shoot'em up with roguelike elements. Until I have a clearer vision of what the game will be, that's all I can really say.

That's about all I have to show and say for this post. Stay tuned for new releases, they're definitely coming.


  1. I like your music and wish you the best with your game! If all goes well, I look forward to playing it.