Jul 23, 2017

New release: Mamorukun Curse! N163+FDS ARRANGEMENT PROJECT

After 2 years in making, it's finally here! 23 arrangements of the full Mamorukun Curse! Soundtrack, composed by Yousuke Yasui. This is a first production on ANIM•USIC.

ANIM•USIC is ANIM•ACE's sound team, consisting of:
- +TEK
- memowave (Jan)
- Chip Jockey (Milos)
- zetoban (zaebatya, z-bata)

All of the tracks were a collaboration between +TEK and memowave, with Chip Jockey assisting on the YO-KAI Disco cover and Naije's (impossiblecarl) bonus track, Ultimate Terror, from the Meikai Katsugeki Arrange version.

FTM/0cc (open with latest version of 0CC-FamiTracker):

You can find other links(SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp) on the releases page.

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